Guest Speaks


3. Vehicles / Drivers / Guides

-- The cars were both fine and comfortable.

-- The drivers were both very good, particularly the one in Rajasthan, who was excellent. Our driver in the parks was good as well and deserves full credit for getting us out of Satpura through the mud and rivers!

-- The guides were guides – They all spoke good English and knew what to tell us and/or point out but weren’t always able to answer questions not on the ‘script’. Like all guides wherever in the world, they managed to get us into shops we didn’t want to go in but where they would get a commission. This is very annoying but we know the system and even walked out of one shop, much to the guides disgust, which had been described as a ‘museum’.  It really would be so much better if guides did not do this as it can really spoil a visit.

4. Suggestions

-- The only problem we had was with our flight from Cochin to Agatti. Air India use a very small plane and restrict luggage to 10 kgs each which, of course is totally impractical on a trip like this. We had a strong argument but ended up having to pay for excess baggage – as did several others on the plane. It is all very stupid because, firstly, it is their decision what plane they fly and, secondly, they are going to take the luggage anyway but are just adding an extra charge to the ticket price. Whilst I understand that you had no choice but to book us on Air India as they were the only carrier on the day we wanted to go, had we been able to fly with Kingfisher, there would have been no problem.

Apart from that, everything worked out very smoothly and we would like to thank you again for organising our trip so efficiently.

Galib & Tamima, Luton U.K      

A big appreciation to especially Vishal and the rest of your team to made our trip very satisfying and pleasant. We felt safe and comfortable all the time. It was a lot of organizing but you did it very efficiently. You have a great communication skill as well as very helpful attitude. We would suggest others and would use your service again as required! Many thanks!

Pratha,Denmark, Western Australia  

Just a short note to thank you for a wonderfully organised holiday. All the arrangements were perfect and everything went according to plan. The highlight for me was seeing 6 tigers at very close range at Kanha and Bandhavgarh, together with another five in the distance. The tour staff were brilliant, in particular Arun at Kanha, I really could not have asked for a better driver. The only criticism I may have is that the hotel  in New Delhi was not up to the standard of all the other accommodation. I especially enjoyed the rustic atmosphere at Baghira Log Huts..        

Georgia Kousouri, Greece          

Hello Vishal, In general, the trip was well organized and we thank you for that. 
Your representative in Agra and his wife were very kind with us and very helpful, they truly wanted us to have as more fun as possible. We spent with them the Holika night and the main Holi day. During the festival of colours, we celebrated with their friends and relatives, in a friendly environment, taking part in their neighbourhood's garden. It was an interesting celebration, even though it wasn't in the old places of the city, where the Holi is celebrated in the traditional way. Still, early in the morning and in the noon of the Holi day, we walked alone in the neighbourhood behind our hotel and celebrated Holi in the narrow streets, with the children and the local people, in the way they celebrate it. Both of these were very interesting experiences.
 Choosing the Satyam Palace Hotel in Pushkar for lunch was excellent!
Our driver was very helpful and all our guides told us lots of information on the cities' monuments. It would be good to have an escort at Delhi's old city, because we had a slightly difficult time to locate the spices market, which was far away from the car parking, so we spent a lot of time reaching it. We thank you for organizing our trip, once again and hope to deal with you again in the near future! thanks,

Ramnik Lathia- Canada       

1. we are now back home, amidst normal, familiar surrounds.We had a lovely time in India - thanks for arranging a very enjoyable itinerary.

Ian Vickers, U.K   


Kanha was as expected, we had sight of eleven tigers and were able to film nine, with     good results.
The day spent in Delhi sightseeing was first class, both the guide and driver were excellent, a most enjoyable day.

2. Accommodation
The food and service were very good, the beds very comfortable, the one blot on the landscape being the shower arrangements, these were very much below European standards, every time you had a shower everything in the bathroom got soaked. But we managed.

3.  Escort

The greeting at the airport, the support throughout the trip was to a high standard.

4.  Driver Guide
 The driver for the game drivers was excellent and a very good spotter. He contributed very much to the success of our trip.

5.  Overall the organization and support during our trip was to a very high standard,
we were able to turn the bathroom shortcoming into humor. 


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